Wow! What’s a normal bra size? Now there’s a question! Having been a bra fitter for fourteen years now, I’m not sure I believe there’s any average bra size for women.

Manufacturers and high street retailers may try and suggest there’s an average bra size by the bras they make and stock in their stores. However, in my experience what’s normal for one woman looks and feels very different to another lady I meet.

This article by Zoe Williams in the Guardian starts an interesting conversation about bra sizes.

We’re all different shapes and sizes. So are our bras

I’m not just talking breast size and shape here. But our body size and shapes are all unique to us. How our breasts change during our monthly cycle, and also during the day with heat and activity, will also vary from woman to woman.

When the Bra Lady home bra fitters first speak to a lady who wants a bra fitting, the first question we ask is, “what’s your current bra size?” Now size is only one part of any bra fitting. And as you know, most women aren’t wearing the right size or style bra for them. That question simply gives us an idea of what stock we need to pack in our boxes when we go to the fitting.

What does that mean then?

We often find that it’s more about the style of bra you’re wearing than the size it says on the label that makes finding the right bra for you so crucial. And by “right bra”, I mean right in the sense that it’s comfortable, fit for purpose, works with the clothes you want to wear it with, and will remain comfortable, (as in wash and wear well), for at least three months. A lot can happen to our bodies in three months!

Does bra size matter?

I’m sure you know that different stores size their clothes differently. And shoes can be hard to get right with different manufacturers. Well bras are even more complex with the way they’re made, and the fabrics used. A question we often ask our clients is, “who’s looking at your label?”

Does it matter what your label says?

I don’t mean you need to be cutting your labels out of your bras so you don’t know what it says – you need the label for the washing instructions to keep the bra as good as possible for as long as possible.

What I’m suggesting is that if you feel good, and comfortable in your bra, and you look fantastic with the clothes on top of your bra, who knows what size on the label says? Is it important?

Finding your bra size

We serve many women who can’t find their size, or right bra style, in the high street shops or at their supermarket they shop in. That’s because most high street stores only serve a small number of women’s bra sizes 32B – 40DD, or up to F if you’re lucky. As a Bra Lady team, we rarely see women in this size range. Maybe that’s because women who require these bra sizes are happy with what they see in the shops they have access to.

We believe it’s because most women require a size, or as I said earlier, a style which isn’t available in the stores they go to.

Bra and breast shapes

whats normal bra size for youJust a simple test to show you what I mean. Look down at your breasts. How close are they to each other?

Every one of us will notice our breasts are close together or far apart on our chest wall. So not all bras will suit how your breasts sit on your body. That’s fine. You’re normal! You just need to be aware of how the bra sits on your body, and supports your breast tissue, not press on it. For those with breasts touching in the middle, that can be a challenge.


What’s a normal bra size?

Normal bra size is whatever size you need for you. From our experience, our normal bra size range is 28 – 48 band, and A – L cup. We can’t stock each size, but as bra fitters we have enough variety in size and style to fit most women we meet. As Zoe said in her article, one bra style from a single manufacturer can have 90 plus sizes in just one colour. That’s a lot of bras!

You’ll also notice that even in your favourite brand of bra you may need a different size to usual. That’s all to do with the fabrics used, the cut of the cup, the structure of support they’ve used. And also how it sits on our uneven breasts. It’s amazing how such little differences can have such an impact when we put the bra on.

Always try your bras on before you buy them.

Your body changes size and shape over your monthly cycle, even after the menopause you’ll notice slight changes during the month. Some women need different size or shape bras at different times of the month. That’s normal for them.

Don’t assume that your favourite brand has got it right in size or shape. We’ve had many a disappointed customer, ourselves included, when a manufacturer produces an “improved” version of a bra, only to find that it’s a different shape and our search for our perfect bra is back to square one.

If you need help with bra fitting, contact our Bra Lady team directly. For those ladies not in a home bra fitting area, our team will talk with you and get you started on finding the right bra for you.

We’d love to hear your experience of normal bra size. Leave a comment below.