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The link between bras and breast cancer – a bra fitters perspective

The conversations online have started again recently about the link between bras and breast cancer. The headline writers have again ...
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The confusion of bras bra fittings and bra sizing

One of the most confusing things in a woman's life, is buying bras. Why is bra buying so confusing? We ...
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Bra size doesn’t matter

Many women are concerned about their bra size. We understand that some bra sizes aren't as easily available as others ...
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5 bra fitting tips for getting it right when you shop

If you're buying bras by yourself, it can be hard to understand what's important to get the bra fitting right ...
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3 Top Tips Bra fitting during pregnancy

Bra fitting during pregnancy can be confusing, and frustrating. Your hormones are all over the place. You may be surprised ...
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What’s a normal bra size?

Wow! What's a normal bra size? Now there's a question! Having been a bra fitter for fourteen years now, I'm ...
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Is it time to spring clean your bra draw?

Now the warmer weather seems to be finally here to stay, are you still hiding under baggy tops as you ...
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Wear Your Bra Correctly

Whilst watching BBC One’s The Voice last night, I got quite annoyed with Rita Ora & how she was wearing ...
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5 tips for buying the perfect bra

It's one of those all important questions isn't it? How do I get the perfect bra for me? There's lots ...
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Why you should buy nursing bras before baby arrives

I'm often told by pregnant women that they won't buy their nursing bras before baby is born as they'd prefer ...
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“Having worn bras for years I was never aware how important it is to have a bra that fits properly until today”

Bra fitting course attendee

“The tips and training given to me today was excellent. The way it was explained was simple, easy to understand and I am confident taking this back to my store to cascade to my colleagues”

National retail chain store team leader