Many women are concerned about their bra size. We understand that some bra sizes aren’t as easily available as others in the high street, so size does matter for ease of shopping.

So we’d like to reassure you that bra size DOESN’T matter. Here’s why:

bra size doesn't matter

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Bra size differences across manufacturers

You’ll know that all bras fit differently. Even trying bras on from the same manufacturer, you can need different sizes in different styles. This is due to the bra style and fabrics used can make the bra fit quite differently. If two different styles in two different sizes are comfortable and suit you, then they’re right for you and your body and breast shape. It doesn’t matter what the label bra size says.

Bra fitting tip: Start with the size you think you may be, but don’t be surprised if you need to try different sizes to check the style and size is right for you.

Bra size structure in different countries

Each country has developed it’s own bra sizing structure over the years. You may not know what country the brand your trying on is from, but it may be different from the brand you usually wear. For example, Anita is a German brand, and they don’t have any “double” cups, such as DD, FF in their bra size range. The difference can be seen in this table:

Anita A B C D E F G H I J

Some companies use an I in their range, others don’t.

Bra fitting tip: Ask your bra fitter to help you with the differences. If you’re shopping by yourself, start with one bra, then try sizes next to the one you started with.

Bra styles may be different sizes

Each bra style is made up of different size and shape pieces. If you look at bras in your draw, you’ll see different ways the fabric is sewn together to get different support, and shape for different breast shapes and sizes. The fabric used on the inside of the cup will have different stretch to the outer.

The band of the bra may use a different stretch or support power mesh or fabric. So even though a 36 may be on the label of two different bra styles from one manufacturer, this slight difference can mean you need a different band size in two different bra styles.

Remember that not all bra styles from that manufacturer will suit your body and breast shape. It can be frustrating, but it’s just like other clothing and shoes. Not everything is right for you.

Bra fitting tip: Always try on different styles, even from the same manufacturer

Get bra fitting advice when you’re stuck finding the right bra

It can be really frustrating finding the right style and size of bra for you at any particular time in your life. Your body changes during your monthly cycle, and during your life. Your hormones alter your breast tissue and your body fat, changing the shape and size of your breasts.

Even bra fitters struggle to find the right style and size for them! One of our Bra Lady team tried on 10 different styles at Marks and Spencer and none of them fitted (she wears around 34DD, so usually well catered for on the size labels in store).

Bra fitting tip: Always try bras on. If it’s not right, try a different size or style. Ask for help if you’re not sure.

If you need help with buying bras, use our 5 top bra fitting tips, or ask our Bra Lady team to help you find the right style for you.