Online bra talk getting comfortable and supportive bras

Online bra talk. Getting comfortable and supportive bras

Getting a comfortable and supportive bra seems to be the main focus for many women when bra shopping. However, the conversation we often have as bra fitters is that you either have to get a comfortable bra, OR a supportive bra.

We disagree! Depending on the bra style, bra size, fabric of the bra, and how it actually fits on YOUR body are the factors which mean if a bra is comfortable and supportive.

Yes, you can get a comfortable AND supportive bra. We don’t believe you should settle for anything less. Ever. You just haven’t learnt how to fit the bras on yourself and how to check them for comfort and support.

Bra Talk – How to find comfortable AND supportive bras

On International Women’s Day when the talk is all about support for women, we’ll be sharing our bra fitting tips with you in an online Bra Talk which you can join live.

Tracey-Jane Hughes, Bra Lady founder, bra fitter, bra fitting trainer, bra business consultant and speaker will be leading the conversation. Tracey-Jane will share some of the things trained bra fitters are looking for and will ask you about the bras you’re wearing and trying on, so that you can ask yourself the same questions if you’re by yourself.

You can join the online talk by registering here :

You’ll be sent the online meeting login so you can join the conversation at 10.30am Friday 8th March. You’ll be able to ask questions in the chat room which Tracey-Jane will answer during the half hour talk.

If you can’t attend the bra talk live, leave a question in the comments below, for Tracey-Jane to help you with.

The Bra Talk will be recorded and shared here afterwards. We know the conversation about comfortable bras, and supportive bras will continue.

Other places for Bra Talk:

Twitter chat at 12:30pm on our twitter channel @BraLadyUKย Join in using #AskBraLady or #BraTalk

Sophia Cook from allboobswelcome campaign

Sophia Cook from allboobswelcome campaign

Live interview and conversation on Facebook at 2pm with one of the gorgeous real life models from the Tu clothing #allboobswelcome campaign. Sophia Cook will be sharing some her body confidence story. You can ask your questions, or share your story during the chat too.

We hope you’ll be able to join us at some part of the day for #BraTalk Please do use the hashtags #BraHealth #AskBraLady We love talking bras & happy to help you get comfortable and supported at any time ๐Ÿ™‚

Our Bra Lady bra fitting team offer a home bra fitting service to help you get the right bra style and size for you, which is comfortable AND supportive ๐Ÿ™‚