I’m often told by pregnant women that they won’t buy their nursing bras before baby is born as they’d prefer to wait until their milk “comes in”. Really? They are clearly first time round Mums, and have no idea what they’ll feel like 1) after baby has been born, maybe after a long labour;  2) where they’ll be, and who’ll be able to help them with baby, when their milk “comes in”; and 3) where they’ll be able to get to easily to shop for nursing bras in their size with baby being 3-6 days old.

OK, so maybe I’m biased, but wouldn’t you prefer to do all your shopping before baby arrives, so that you can spend your time with your precious new baby, your family and your friends? If you want to have a bra fitting, then you can do this at about 35-36 weeks pregnant, and the bra fitter, like those in our Bra Lady team, will be fully trained in how to fit nursing bras to your body. They will allow for space in the bra cup for when your milk “comes in”.

So, if you really think about it, who will be around in that first week to help you get used to changing nappies & dressing baby, whilst you ensure you’re feeding yourself properly? You may be lucky and have lots of friends and family around. Some of you may not. If you are lucky, who’ll hold the baby whilst you go off for a bra fitting? Will the shop have the right style and size to fit you? You know that all bras fit differently, so your usual lingerie shop may stock nursing bras, but do they have your size and style?

Hotmilk show off nursing bra

Hotmilk nursing bra

The specialist nursing bra shops tend to be online, so they can stock a wider range of styles and sizes. Our favourite is run by one of our Bra Lady team, Emma at bras4mums. bras4mums have been supporting pregnant and breastfeeding women for over 10 years, and have the widest range of sizes and styles in the UK. They hold in stock bras from 28 – 48 band size, and A – L cup. The bras4mums team offer free exchanges so that if the first style/size isn’t right, you can get it right, with their support and advice. However, if you’re in an area where there’s a Bra Lady, that’s even better! Most stock a range of nursing bras to suit all shapes and sizes, for initial stages of breastfeeding, as well as more established breastfeeding.

So, who can you advise to buy their nursing bras before baby is born then? Is it yourself, or your friend who’s holding out? The specialist nursing bra fitters have the expertise to support you through this purchase. I’m sure you’ve spent a lot of money on items for baby, (pram, cot, nursery, clothing, reusable nappies), so don’t spend time pondering spending a few pounds on a decent nursing bra to support you, and keep you comfy these next few weeks.

Remember, there’s nothing better than a personal bra fitting with an experienced bra fitter with the right stock. However, that’s usually a luxury with specialist bras like breastfeeding bras. Have a look at bras4mums website, or give the bra fitters a call or email and see how they can help you, whilst you can still think straight!