Bra fitting during pregnancy can be confusing, and frustrating. Your hormones are all over the place. You may be surprised by your pregnancy. You may be feeling sick. And then suddenly your breasts are feeling weird, maybe sore and uncomfortable, and your bras don’t fit! Yet you can’t talk to anyone about it as you haven’t had your 12 weeks scan yet, and you’re not sure if you really are pregnant.
It’s normal. You’re pregnancy is normal.
It’s still frustrating!
There’s so much going on in your body, even at this early stage, and your emotions are all over the place. We know bra shopping is probably not even on your radar, but if you could get yourself more comfortable, would that help you feel better?

3 top tips for bra fitting during pregnancy:

bra fitting during pregnancy get comfy1. Your breasts will increase in size during your first trimester, (ask your partner if you don’t believe us!), so you’ll need different bras to accommodate your new size and often shape breasts. We recommend something soft and without underwires as you’ll find this more comfortable, especially in these early stages.
2. Your breasts may be sore, feel very heavy and uncomfortable, during early pregnancy. Ensure your bra is comfortable, with nothing digging into your breast tissue (including seams, even if you’re not wearing a wired bra). Even when you first realise you’re pregnant it’s worthwhile getting a comfy bra to wear as this will help you feel much better through the nausea, and often discomfort during the early weeks.
It’s likely you’ll need a bigger cup size, and possibly a fuller cup shape to support your more rounded breasts more comfortably. Your breasts may be the first sign you’ve noticed that you’re pregnant, so get them supported well. Your posture will feel better too as your body and joints are already loosening preparing your body for baby growing.
Yes, this tiny little collection of cells really is making that much of an impact on your breasts!
3. Your ribs will grow during pregnancy, so make sure when you buy new bras they fit well on their TIGHTEST setting (opposite to normal). so you allow space for your ribs to grow. This is opposite to what you’re used to, and it may feel wrong to start with, but believe us – your ribs will grow, so it’s worth remembering this.
Make sure your bra fits firmly to support your fuller, heavier bust, but on the tightest setting.
All of our bra fitters are trained in bra fitting during pregnancy and stock a range of maternity and nursing bras, in all shapes and sizes. All of the current Bra Lady team are mothers, most of whom breastfed at least one of their children. So you can ask for their advice and support during your pregnancy.
If you need help or advice with bra fitting during pregnancy, contact our Bra Lady team of bra fitters.