Anita firm support bra

Anita firm support bra

It’s one of those all important questions isn’t it? How do I get the perfect bra for me? There’s lots of advice, you go to a lingerie shop, or high street store and “get fitted”, but you’re still not convinced that you’re wearing the perfect bra for you.

Try these tips next time you need a new bra, and you’ll find the perfect bra for you:

1. What is the purpose of the bra you’re buying?

Is it primarily for work, going out, sport? You need to have this fixed in mind when you shop, so you don’t end up with something that’s OK for work colour-wise, and not as fun as you wanted for going out. It’s OK to have different bras for different times of the day, or occasions. You’re better off buying two bras for different occasions and being happy with both, than one that you’re making do for multi-activities, but isn’t comfy, or looks good only under one particular top.

2. What clothes will you be wearing on top of this bra?

Ideally, take the top/dress with you when bra shopping. This is the best way to see how perfect the bra is. If it’s not quite right when you try your top on, move on to the next shop. You’re wanting to look fantastic, so getting your underwear right gives the right foundation

3. Ensure the band is firm on its loosest setting

Does the band feel snug around your rib cage? This is where the bra supports you from, so if this part isn’t snug enough, your not going to feel or look good. Whatever size you’ve picked up, if it’s firm on it’s tightest setting, go and get the next band size down, (remembering to increase the cup size ie. 36D = 34DD), and try it again. Having the band on its loosest setting means your investment will last longer, whilst keeping you looking and feeling fabulous

4. Are your breasts enclosed within the cup?

Different styles of bras are designed to give your breasts different shapes and will look different under clothing. Even if you’re wearing a plunge style bra, ensure the cup size is big enough to support the breast tissue, without over-spilling the cup. The “4-boob” look isn’t great, and the pressure on the breast tissue caused by the cup pressing on to it, can be very uncomfortable. Simply increase the cup size, or change the style of bra you’re trying. The same advice works for both underwired bras and soft cup bras.

5. Is it comfy?

Move around in it. Put your top on. Sit down. Lift your arms up above your head. If it’s a sports bra, jump up and down. Think about how the bra feels on you. Is it comfy? Really? Check the wires aren’t digging into your breast tissue, and check where the seam is under your arm. Is the fabric too high under your arm? Will it rub? If you’ve got a friend with you, get them to check it as well. That colour may be perfect, but if it’s not comfy, you won’t wear it, so double check.

We see so many women who’ve bought bras they knew “weren’t quite right”, but still purchased them. Don’t be afraid to walk away, even if you’re with a bra fitter. Limited budgets need to be spent wisely, and getting the right bra for you is important to how you look, feel, and importantly your posture.

Let us know how you get on using these tips next time you go bra shopping.