Become a Bra Lady (from original copy)

Want to be self employed?

Want to do something different?

Want to work part-time?

Becoming a Bra Lady will tick all boxes and far more:

  • You can be self-employed, and get support from the bra lady network to develop and grow your business locally.
  • Full training before you start
  • Ongoing support & training
  • Low start up costs
  • Can be done part-time or full-time, (minimum recommended 5 hours a week)
  • Can fit around children and/or other part-time work

You can offer maternity bras, nursing bras, mastectomy bras, soft cup bras, sports bras, teen bras and underwired bras to women in your local area, by being the Bra Lady.

If you’d like more informtation, contact our Senior Bra Lady T-J, for more information about joining the Network. Training sessions are happening all the time across the UK to suit the requirements of women who are wanting to have a rewarding job AND be their own boss.

“The best part of being a bra lady so far is the freedom to be able to go out and make women comfortable and well supported, it’s good to give something back bearing in mind my own experiences in life. ┬áIt is a very social job and is the best job I have ever done, I really love it!”, Alison, Surrey & West Sussex