Be breast aware – all the time

Being breast aware throughout our lives is essential to maintain good breast health. Most problems with lumpy breasts are nothing to do with cancer, so it’s worth getting things checked out.

This video explains what to check for every month of our lives.

Be breast aware:

  • know what is normal for you
  • look at and feel your breasts
  • know what changes to look for
  • report any changes without delay
  • go for breast screening if you are 50 or over

For more information, check out the NHS advice, Breast Cancer charities websites, or local breast care support group.

Cancer Research UK – Spot breast cancer early

Breast Cancer Care, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Against Breast Cancer


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Check your breasts this month

We all know we should check our breasts after our monthly bleed, but do we? Even after the menopause, it’s even more important to regularly check our breass. But how? TLC is the starting point.

TOUCH your breasts. Can you feel anything unusual?
LOOK for changes. Is there any change in shape and texture?
CHECK anything unusual with your doctor.

What do we look and check for? Anything that isn’t ‘normal’ for you, basically. We all have one breast bigger than the other, but on some women the difference is more marked. The difference is also heightened during pregnancy and breastfeeding. As with most things, you know your body better than anyone. Its up to you to look after yourself.

When do we check? We’re advised to do our checks at the same time every month, after our monthly bleed has finished. Before a woman’s bleed, our breasts are usually fuller and some women find them quite uncomfortable, so feeling our breasts at this time is not ‘normal’ for us. Find a time of the month that is right for you, and stick to it. I sometimes get very tender & swollen and sore breasts when coming to my time of the month. I was advised to take Starflower Oil, and this worked well for me. Available at any good Health Food Store.

So, if we check our breasts regularly, exercise, maintain a healthy weight, wear comfy and supportive bras that don’t press on our brest tissue, and are not high risk, then we’re less likely to ‘get’ breast cancer. World Cancer Research Foundation talks about the risk factors involved in getting breast cancer, and how it’s the interplay between genes, environment and chance that are what causes breast cancer.

If you need any advice about how bras should be fitting, contact an experienced bra fitter, like those in the bra lady network. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable, or being worried about how your bras are fitting you, or how your breasts are feeling.

Do you check your breasts regularly? Anything else we should be doing to ensure our breasts remain healthy?


Back to School? Don’t forget teenagers need support too!

Everyone grows and develops at a different rate, and we all have our own unique shape. This is true of breasts as well as bodies.

It’s important that young women’s breasts are supported properly as they grow and develop, without squashing or causing discomfort. Girls are often embarrassed by their bodies, so it’s even more important that they are comfortable with their clothing as their bodies develop.

Now’s a great time, whilst getting everything else ready for the start of the school term to ensure your girls are wearing well fitting, supportive bras for their shape.

The Bra Lady team offer a home bra fitting service and will work with you and your daughter & her friends to educate them in breast health, and work out the styles of bras that suit them as they develop.

The lovely Sweetling teen bra range was created by 2 Mums of 7 girls, and featured on BBC2 television programme Next Big Thing in 2011. The Sweetling team have designed different shape bras for these different shape bodies our daughter’s, nieces’s and grand-daughter’s have. Each bra shape, named after their own daughters, comes in plain white and some lovely patterned fabrics. Each bra has a matching bikini brief.

Sweetling Milicent Matilda teen braThe Royce teen bra range includes moulded bras to prevent nipple show which is one of the questions we get asked most. We expect to be able to find a solution to all breast shapes and sizes for our customers, so please do ask if you have specific requirements.

The Royce teen bra range offer a moulded cup bra in larger sizes, as well as packs of lighter support first bras.

Doing sport? Then you’ll need a firmer sports bra as well to hold your breasts in place against your body. Any movement of the breasts can cause discomfort and can damage the breast tissue or stretch the Coopers ligaments that hold the breasts firm and pert.

None of our range of teen bras use wires as these can damage young and developing breast tissue. We sometimes use other products within our range, but we do advise that young developing breasts aren’t restricted by underwired bras which can be uncomfortable, particularly for everyday wear.

We look forward to Supporting your daughters as we’ve supported you!


New training dates released

Over the last few weeks demand for training courses to become a Bra Lady has increased. We’ve had increased demand for the service across the country, helped by a notice in YOURS magazine, telling readers about our home fitting service. Now is a great time to start your Bra Lady business!

Bra Lady training dates have been set for:

Monday 2nd July – Chorley – Maternity & nursing bras
Saturday 21st July – Birmingham – Mastectomy & soft cup bras
Wednesday 22nd August – Bristol – Maternity & nursing bras
Friday 14th September – Warwick – Initial training day
Sat & Sun 15-16th Sept – Warwick Bra Lady Conference, includes maternity, nursing and mastectomy bras over the weekend.
Monday 15th October – London – Mastectomy & soft cup bras

Contact Bra Lady to book your place. Pay by the end of June and attend the September Conference for free.

There has never been a better time to start your own home bra fitting business.



Bra fitting in West Midlands

Claire Mann Bra Lady West Midlands

We’re delighted to introduce Claire Mann, our new bra fitting franchisee offering a home bra fitting service in the West Midlands.

Claire has been trained to fit mastectomy and soft cup bras to ladies in Wolverhampton, Telford, Walsall, Stafford and Dudley areas. Claire became interested in bra fitting for ladies who’ve had mastectomy or lumpectomy breast surgery after her own Mum struggled to get comfy after breast cancer.

Claire said, “My Mum has had breast cancer for 6 years, and has always struggled with finding bras that are comfortable. She had a mastectomy in 2006, and has never had a proper bra fitting. When I did some research to see where I could take her to, I found there wasn’t anywhere in the local area that offered a specialist bra fitting service after breast surgery.”

“Becoming a Bra Lady, I’m part of a UK wide network of home bra fitters, supported through the franchise to get training and advice from bra fitters and ladies with a wide range of experiences. Becoming self employed is very challenging, but I feel very supported and I am ready to help women in the local area.”

Claire is currently offering a home bra fitting service with mastectomy and soft cup bras, and is able to fit ladies of all sizes with the range of bras she stocks. She plans to increase her range of bras and specialist fittings later this year.

Claire’s Mum is still undergoing treatment for breast cancer at New Cross Hospital, who have given Claire their full support for this unique service in the West Midlands area.

To arrange a home bra fitting, contact Claire on 07894444316 or

You can connect with Claire on her Facebook page



Angie grows her business in Lancashire

Angie Webb Lancashire Bra Lady

Angie Webb Lancashire Bra Lady

Angie Webb, Bra Lady in Lancashire, is growing her business to include East Lancashire on the anniversary of her starting up.

Angie, who initially specialised in only one style of bra, now offers a full range of bras to all women across Lancashire. She carrys stock for her home bra fitting business of maternity and nursing bras, mastectomy bras, soft cup bras, sports bras, teen bras and is also now growing the range of underwired bras in response to customer needs.

Angie’s take over of the East Lancashire area shows how her business is developing and growing in less than a year! It is unfortunate that the previous Bra Lady in East Lancashire has had to hang up her tape measure for now, due to ill health. Angie said, “I’m delighted with how my Bra Lady business has grown over the last year. I’ve grown my stock, area and the number of customers I can see each week, and I love what I do. It’s so worthwhile supporting women in Lancashire. And even though I meet some challenges, each bra fitting is different, as every woman has a different shape and differernt bra requirements.”

Angie will now add Blackburn, Burnley and Clitheroe, and all BB postcodes to her Bra Lady franchise area, that already includes Preston, Blackpool and Southport, and all PR and FY postcodes.

T-J, owner of Bra Lady said, “It’s wonderful to see Angie’s business develop so quickly. Being a Bra Lady is very rewarding, and Angie has built a very good base in her first year of trading. I’m delighted that she’s able to give more time to develop the home fitting service in East Lancashire, work which our previous Bra Lady is unable to continue. I’m certain the ladies of East Lancashire will benefit from Angie’s support, like those across the rest of the county.”

Angie can be contacted on 07903234458 or

If you’re interested in becoming a Bra Lady in your area, please contact


Spring Clean your draws & join The Big Bra Hunt

Spring clean your draws & join celebrities Helen Mirren and Zoe Ball in Oxfam’s Big Bra Hunt Appeal.

Oxfam have launched an appeal for the nation’s unwanted bras. They’re aiming to collect 1 million during the month of April, and the Bra Lady team are helping!

Unwanted bras will be turned into cash by Oxfam for important projects around the world. They are asking for bras, any size, shape, well worn, or unworn. Continue reading


Business Mum of the Year Awarded to Bra Lady founder

Tracey-Jane Hughes, founder of Bra Lady, has won the prestigious Business Mum of the Year Award. The award was announced on International Women’s Day, and recognises T-J’s achievements of growing a successful business and supporting other women in business, whilst being a Mum to her 2 boys.

T-J’s journey hasn’t been an easy one, as with most successful businesses. Juggling a young family and growing a multi-channel retail business hasn’t been easy. T-J said, “I still meet women who’ve experienced the same poor bra fitting advice that I had 8 years ago, and until that’s changed, my job isn’t done. When I grew the home bra fitting service to the online bras4mums shop when my boys were under 3 years old, I had no idea that I’d now be running 3 websites, supporting franchisees develop their businesses, and supporting more women across the UK with a variety of specialist bras. Continue reading


Bra Lady’s offer Bespoke French Lingerie

The Bra Lady team are always on the look out for quality products to support our increasing number of customers across the UK. We know that you’ll be delighted with this new addition, as you often tell us that you can’t find anything to fit your particular shape!

So, we’re delighted to announce that the Bra Lady team in some areas are now offering bespoke, handmade French lingerie from Lingerie Indiscrete to our customers. It is so different from anything else we do, and that we’ve found on the market in the UK. Continue reading