We’re coming into the season of party dresses, and many women will be searching for new bras to go under their new dresses and party tops. A lot of you will be searching for strapless and backless bras. So here’s a brief summary of what they are and what to look for when shopping for your strapless or backless bra & a few tips!

Strapless bras– these can also come with clear or skin colour straps for extra support, but essentially are bras with no

Elomi strapless corset

Strapless corset - more support than bra

straps. The support of the bra has to be firmer around your body to ensure it stays in the same place and supports your breasts. There is generally some non-slip fabric on the inside of the strapless bra to hold it in place on your body more firmly. Some women can find this sticky and uncomfortable, and those with sensitive skin may find this doesn’t work for you.

As strapless bras, by their very construction, have no straps over the shoulder, bigger breasted women find this style of bra hard to find, and where. There are very few strapless bras available for over an F cup, as you generally need more support from a full cup bra at this size. Check out what strapless bras are available before you fall in love with a strapless dress if you’re over an F cup!

For fuller figure women, a strapless bustier top often gives a better shape under clothing than just a strapless bra. The bustier, or basque (longer, generally with suspenders attached) will smooth your body so you don’t have lots of lumps and bumps showing under your sleek outerwear.

Swappers strapless soft cup braSome strapless bras are more like bandeau bras. These offer light support, and are generally only good up to a D/E cup. They are however great during pregnancy and after breast surgery.

Some have a light moulded bra support in them for extra shape and to stop nipple show, whilst others, generally cheaper, are 1 layer of fabric giving a light support and not a lot of shaping to your breasts.



Backless bras – There are now some backless bras on the market, but you can easily turn your existing bra into a backless bra by a simple gadget – The Alter Back!

The 2 pieces of single width tape hook onto your existing bra, which you know fits you and gives good support, then you

Alter back makes your bra a low back bra!

Alter back in action

wrap it around your body at the angle low enough to sit under the low back on your dress – simple! And this is a great solution to those with plus D cup breasts!

Like with all bras, try on your strapless and backless bras with the outfit you want to wear to check you are happy with the shape it gives you. Remember that moulded bras make your breasts look bigger, but don’t necessarily give extra shape to your breasts.

As always, if you need help or advice, speak to a specialist bra fitter. But particularly with special occasion bras – buy your bra first, then buy your outfit! Or, if you’ve already bought your party dress, take it with you when you go bra shopping!