Your body changes a lot during pregnancy and post birth. Some women complain that they feel ‘frumpy’ or ‘whale like’. Your maternity and breastfeeding underwear should be anything but frumpy to help you to feel as fabulous as you look.

Cake pretty nursing brasThere are many maternity and nursing bra styles available now that offer the lacy, attractive, pretty and even sexy look. All you have to do is find the right one for you that fits correctly! The shape of the bra cup, the fabric used, and the cleavage you can achieve, (which is bound to be better than usual, whatever your shape and size), can be the same as you’re used to. But, most importantly, be comfy in whatever bra you buy.

When looking at bras for breastfeeding, look for a similar cup shape to the one you are used to wearing. This way you’re more likely to enjoy wearing the bras, with or without underwires. There are some fabulous bras that don’t have any wires in them, HOTmilk , Cake LingerieBravado and Royce are just a few brands. And then there are some great brands that use wires in some of their bras, like Anita. You can see that they all have different shapes, which suit different body and breast shapes – just like ordinary bras.

All the bras at our online shop bras4mums stock have been chosen for quality and comfort, even the under-wired ones! Check that the band is firm around your rib cage with room to make it smaller as it stretches over time, and the cup covers your ever changing breasts. The rest of the style choice is your own. Apart from the main one – IS IT COMFY? If it’s not, change the style, or the size.

Just because your pregnant or breastfeeding doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel great. Fabulous underwear that makes you comfortable and look good with your clothes on is worth investing in. What price do you put on comfort? Make it a priority!

T-J Hughes started and runs bras4mums – Supporting You during pregnancy and beyond. Bra fitting advice can be given by phone, email, skype, facebook and/or twitter. It’s our speciality, so please ask for Support!


“Your advice was invaluable. My perfectly fitting bra brought instant relief for my back ache and I’m proud of my feminine curves! I can’t thank bras4mums enough!”, Nicola, Burnley.