Find a Bra Lady in your area (from original website)

Whilst we hope to grow the Bra Lady network to offer a trained, experienced bra fitter in every part of the UK by 2020, we know this is a tall order! So, we’re on the look out for independent bra fitters to recommend in areas where there are currently no trained Bra Ladies.

The trained Bra Lady team will be clearly marked in our lists, with the training courses and experience they have. The recommended bra fitters who haven’t been trained by the Bra Lady trainers will have their qualifications and experience, and customer recommendations listed on their pages.

Please do inform us of your bra fitting experiences, and recommend your local bra fitter to join our national network.

Bra Lady current areas covered:

Bra Lady Cambridgeshire – Emma Launchbury

Bra Lady Kent – Carole-Ann Woods

Bra Lady Lancashire – T-J Hughes