It’s often difficult to contain our excitement when we see the dress or outfit of our dreams isn’t it? We may have seen it in a shop window, or in a magazine, and thought “that’s the dress for me!”. And nothing has got in our way of buying it.

How many of you have got home & partner/Mum/friend has said, “so what bra are you going to wear with that then?” ? Be honest now! Did you even consider your underwear when buying the dress? Whether you’re big busted, or have very little, your underwear will make such a difference to the look of your outerwear, it’s generally easier to get your underwear first.

We know it’s not top of your list, but without the right underwear you’ll have wasted your money on that gorgeous dress/outfit. Whether it’s a strapless number for the summer, or a wedding dress, or special outfit for that very special meal out, your bra can make a break the look.

It’s not only the style of underwear you wear, but the size of it on you that’s important. Make sure the band is firm around your body giving your body shape it’s natural silhouette.Ideally you’ll wear your selected underwear when trying on the dress of your dreams as this will show off your shape, which will undoubtedly be even more stunning in your dream outfit!

If you find that the bra strap shows, or you have bulges you didn’t expect, you can do something about it before buying the dress. It’s much easier for your Bra Lady to work with you to get the right style and shape of underwear before you buy your outfit, than play with alterbacks, lingerie tape and pins after your purchase! Knowing this before you spend all that money on this gorgeous outfit will prevent a lot of bra hunting for something that doesn’t exist, or expensive dress alterations to make it fit around you.

The Bra Lady team have a range of styles and accessories to make you look fabulous and feel comfy during your special occasion in your gorgeous outfit. Our bra fitting service allows us time to work with you to get your underwear right, and we advise we see you at least one month before the event.