Everyone grows and develops at a different rate, and we all have our own unique shape. This is true of breasts as well as bodies.

It’s important that young women’s breasts are supported properly as they grow and develop, without squashing or causing discomfort. Girls are often embarrassed by their bodies, so it’s even more important that they are comfortable with their clothing as their bodies develop.

Now’s a great time, whilst getting everything else ready for the start of the school term to ensure your girls are wearing well fitting, supportive bras for their shape.

The Bra Lady team offer a home bra fitting service and will work with you and your daughter & her friends to educate them in breast health, and work out the styles of bras that suit them as they develop.

The lovely Sweetling teen bra range was created by 2 Mums of 7 girls, and featured on BBC2 television programme Next Big Thing in 2011. The Sweetling team have designed different shape bras for these different shape bodies our daughter’s, nieces’s and grand-daughter’s have. Each bra shape, named after their own daughters, comes in plain white and some lovely patterned fabrics. Each bra has a matching bikini brief.

Sweetling Milicent Matilda teen braThe Royce teen bra range includes moulded bras to prevent nipple show which is one of the questions we get asked most. We expect to be able to find a solution to all breast shapes and sizes for our customers, so please do ask if you have specific requirements.

The Royce teen bra range offer a moulded cup bra in larger sizes, as well as packs of lighter support first bras.

Doing sport? Then you’ll need a firmer sports bra as well to hold your breasts in place against your body. Any movement of the breasts can cause discomfort and can damage the breast tissue or stretch the Coopers ligaments that hold the breasts firm and pert.

None of our range of teen bras use wires as these can damage young and developing breast tissue. We sometimes use other products within our range, but we do advise that young developing breasts aren’t restricted by underwired bras which can be uncomfortable, particularly for everyday wear.

We look forward to Supporting your daughters as we’ve supported you!