Bra Fitting Tips

If you’re buying bras by yourself, it can be hard to understand what’s important to get the bra fitting right for you. Our Bra Fitting team have come with these 5 bra fitting tips for you to help you get it right every time.

5 bra fitting tips

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Be prepared to try lots of different bras on!

All bras fit differently, even from the same manufacturer or store. Plus, your body and breast shape is unique to you. Bras are made symmetrical, but you aren’t!

We bra fitting is hard – we’ve experienced it ourselves: 
One of our bra fitting team tried 10 different styles in M&S and none were right for her.
Another bra fitter in the network ordered £600 of bras from Debenhams, all different shapes, and only two fitted her well.

Get the right bra band size and wear it in the smallest part of your back.

This may feel strange to start with, but this is where you get the support from. This part of bra fitting on yourself, and wearing your bra every day must be right to have any chance of your breasts being supported well.

As a guide for your band size, either measure yourself and use that measurement as your starting point (36″ will be about a 36 band), or think about your t-shirt size and add 20 e.g. size 10 = 30 band; 14 = 34 band. It’s a good starting point.

Remember each bra fits differently, so you may need different band (or cup) sizes in each style you try.

Ensure the cup supports your whole breast

There should be no pressing on your breast tissue, including in between your breasts, and under your arms where your breast tissue sits.

This includes wires and seams.

Remember that you have one breast is bigger than the other, so fit your bra to your larger breast.

Comfort is key!

Not many people see you without your top on, so what’s comfortable for you, is right for you. You wouldn’t wear uncomfortable shoes for long, so you shouldn’t with your bra either.

If it’s not comfy it’s not right.

Test your bra out before you buy it.

Is it fit for purpose? Jump up and down. Lift your arms up and swing them around. Whatever job you do try and recreate the actions you do to test the bra. Is it moving around? Is it still comfortable?

Use a bra fitting service

We know it’s not always possible to use a bra fitting service, or one you trust. If you can, do.

Just like other types of clothes and shoes, all bras fit differently. Even those from the same manufacturer. They often have different sizing structures too. What the label says isn’t important – what’s important is what’s right for you.

Your body and breasts change size and shape every day, and during your monthly cycle. That’s why you may find a bra is comfy one day and not the next.

Use these bra fitting tips to help you next time you go bra shopping. If you need help, please use our bra fitting team support service to ask for help, and advice.

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