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We’re delighted to introduce our newest bra fitter, Carole-Ann Woods. Carole-Ann is a breast cancer survivor (twice over), and has struggled for information about mastectomy bras, and also to find pretty bras to wear with a prosthesis and/or reconstructed breasts.

In 2004, Carole-Ann was first diagnosed with breast cancer but overcame it with treatment and, the support of friends, family and colleagues. Unfortunately – the “little blighter”, as she calls it, made an unwelcome return in 2010. Carole-Ann again bravely fought through to make a recovery.

Carole-Ann is now giving up a long and distinguished career in public service to help women who have been in a similar position and to help raise awareness so that others may benefit from her experience.

Carole-Ann has successfully completed her Bra Lady training, and is now open for business. Her Bra Lady business offers a home bra fitting service across Kent, focusing on Sevenoaks, Maidstone, Dartford, Tunbridge Wells and Bromley areas.

Carole-Ann says, “Many ladies, myself included, battle to find lingerie that is not only comfortable and supportive during the healing process but looks beautiful too! This is often a great confidence booster and can assist in restoring self – esteem and femininity,  all of which can take a serious hit at the time of a breast cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

“With many women now receiving an early diagnosis or electing for preventative surgery, there is a constantly growing need for the choice of products to be more widely available.  Post – surgery & reconstructed breasts require special care. Specialist products may be found in some department stores, specialist shops or through their websites but this is not always the most convenient way to purchase this essential part of your wardrobe.”

Mastectomy bras and soft cup bras from Royce, Anita, Lorna Drew and Nicola Jane are held in

Mastectomy bras

Mastectomy bras available to try and buy

stock to try, buy and order across a full size range 32 – 48, AAA – J cup across the mastectomy bra ranges.

For more information, or to book a home bra fitting, contact 07814 444798, . Carole-Ann can also be contacted via her Facebook page Bra Lady Kent