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Is it time to spring clean your bra draw?

Now the warmer weather seems to be finally here to stay, are you still hiding under baggy tops as you ...
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Wear Your Bra Correctly

Whilst watching BBC One’s The Voice last night, I got quite annoyed with Rita Ora & how she was wearing ...
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5 tips for buying the perfect bra

It's one of those all important questions isn't it? How do I get the perfect bra for me? There's lots ...
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Why you should buy nursing bras before baby arrives

I'm often told by pregnant women that they won't buy their nursing bras before baby is born as they'd prefer ...
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Bra wearing should ALWAYS be comfortable

From when we first start wearing bras as a girl, wearing a bra should never hurt us. If it does, ...
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Mastectomy bras – what are they?

A mastectomy bra is a bra suitable for use after a woman has had a mastectomy (a breast removal), or ...
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Maternity & nursing bras can be attractive and sexy, as well as comfy

Your body changes a lot during pregnancy and post birth. Some women complain that they feel ‘frumpy’ or ‘whale like’ ...
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Buy your underwear before your special outfit

It's often difficult to contain our excitement when we see the dress or outfit of our dreams isn't it? We ...
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Back to School? Don't forget teenagers need support too!

Everyone grows and develops at a different rate, and we all have our own unique shape. This is true of ...
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Why you need a sports bra when exercising

Your breasts are very precious, but you knew that! Your breasts are made up of fatty tissue, and supported mainly ...
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